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Now for the good news!  Check out the good work the Humane Society of Greene County has done in the past!  Thanks to the support and hard work of all our volunteers and donors, these stories turned out with a happy ending. If you have adopted a pet from our site, send us your success story and we will put it on the site.  


Adopted - The first time I saw Remington he was a rack of bones standing knee deep in manure in a tiny 10 x 10 pipe gate enclosure.  His teeth were stained black from eating manure in a desperate search for food.  The Humane Society confiscated Remington and found him a new home with the bush family in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Now, two years later he is hardly recognizable as a glossy red snowflake appaloosa in the bloom of health.  He competes in Mounted Orienteering and wins gymkhana games.  But, his forte is trail riding – be it competitive trail or just 3 day camp outs in the Hoosier National Forest.  He is clearly happy and sassy, and I believe, looking him in the eye, grateful.

Sarma Orlowski

HSGC Humane Agent




 Adopted - Dobby found a perfect home with a nursing student who lives alone. His new owner is very happy to have a companion to share his study time. Dobby lies on his desk or lap while he is working, greets him at the door, and has made a big difference in his life.


Adopted - Gandalf went to a family who lost their beloved Siamese to old age. Their teenage daughter has fallen in love with Gandalf, and he's done a great job making their home feel like a home again and fixing the "empty" feeling that comes after a pet's death.

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